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Business Visas: Legal Counsel You Can Trust

A business visa provides those from foreign countries the opportunity to visit the USA for a range of business reasons. Our legal team can help you get the correct visa, and can expedite the process when necessary.

The Right Visa for Your Visit to the USA

The appropriate visa for your activity may be a B-1, Business Visitor, an F-1/OPT for optional practical training, an H-1B for those working in specialty occupations, an O-1A for those who are extraordinary in their fields, E-1 or E-2 for treaty nationals, or L-1 for intra-company transferees.

We also provide services for employment-based immigrant visas more commonly known as green cards including EB-1s, EB-2s, or EB-3s. We will help you to determine which visa is correct for your planned activities.

We make ourselves available to clients from other lands who are planning to come to the USA for a variety of business reasons. We can answer your questions and get the visa application process moving forward fast.

Individualized Service

We work hard to provide our clients with responsive legal services. As highly-experienced business immigration lawyers, we have a deep understanding of the process, and how to get an application moving forward without delay.

Business Visas: Your Advocate

Whether your visit is a one-time event, or you plan to return frequently to the USA, having a skilled immigration lawyer handle the details makes all the difference. With 30 years focused strictly upon immigration law, we have the knowledge, skills and insight you want on your side.

Fast and Effective

There is no time to waste if you are planning to visit the USA on a business matter, whether short-term or long-term. As leading authorities on immigration law, we can rapidly determine the type of visa that best matches your activities, and submit an application that is accurate, and far more likely to move quickly through the system without costly delays.

Business Visitors to the USA

When a business matter is on the table, you cannot afford a delay in getting a business visa approved and issued. We are proud of our high level of accuracy, and our success rate in getting business visas issued in a timely manner.

Top Level Legal Services

We provide our clients with individual, personal service, and our level of accuracy means your application moves through the system faster.

Business Visas: When Timing Matters

A business meeting, conference, or other activity can arise quickly. In order to legally enter the USA for business purposes, you cannot afford any delay. We work fast, and our understanding of immigration law will provide you with a distinct advantage when seeking a business visa.

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99% Success in Business Visa Applications

Experienced Counsel for Business Visas

As recognized authorities on business immigration law, we give our clients the advantage of working with a law firm that knows immigration law cold.

Our Promise

We promise to provide an exceptional level of service to those who need a business visa to enter the USA for a range of business activities. From short-term to long-term business visas, we do it all. Reach out to us for the professional representation you need.

  • Like all clients (and, I believe I’m a serial one), we all tend to fall in love with our own new lives. But I would neither even start the very first step if I didn’t have the continuously great support and help from Tashjian LAW Group, nor could I overcome all the challenges I’ve been through for almost 4 years.
    The Tashjian team has been always extremely professional and organized. Lawyer Fangzhou Ping, shows such impressive passion and caring about customers’ circumstances.  It was so easy to work with her; I always got my answers with patient explanation and helpful suggestions as much as she could.  The precise suggestions always make my legal decisions responsibly easier and immediate.
    I am and will be always looking forward to continuing my legal business with Tashjian professional team in the future.

    Yi Xing
  • As a technology professional with an incomplete understanding of Immigration matters and the legalese thereof,I can attest that everyone at the Tashjian law firm including Richard , Fangzhou etc have made all my immigration applications as simple as can be.They are through in the understanding and interpretation of the law and more importantly they are just as good in translating the same to layman language.They are thorough professional and do genuinely care for their clients.

    Pavan Dandapanthula
  • When I moved last year to my current employer, I was assisted by Tashjian Law Group in processing my work visa transfer. I was able to obtain my H1B visa as well as my wife’s H4 visa without any problem because of their help. It was also them who assisted me & my wife with our Green Card applications every step of the way, until we received our appoved permanent resident status from USCIS this month. I will always be grateful with what they had done for me and my family. Their professionalism and expertise with immigration matters had really made a huge difference. Thank you very much and may your company continue to provide better lives to your clients!

    Noel Dela Torre
  • My name is Miku, I used the services of Richard Tashjian Law Group and they successfully helped me to receive my EB-1 green card. Their professional advices and infinite knowledge regarding immigration practice, made the whole process painless and stress free. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, Richard Tashjian Law Group is the right place to go.

    Miku Kayama
  • We were referred to the Tashjian law firm by a friend, an international business executive. Despite the fact we had a small case to handle , we got a VIP treatment , as if we were the office’s biggest account. We were impressed by the high professional level and the personal dedicated service. Everything was handled to perfection.

    Dvora and Zvi Braunstein – Ma Belle-World Fashion
  • First of all, I would like to thank you for all of your hard work for my O-1 and EB-1 ( also for my wife’s petitions for both visas ). I couldn’t get them without your help. I have met a few immigration lawyers during past 16 years, but Richard is the best immigration lawyer I have ever experienced. Richard and his staff are very friendly and they are expert of immigration law. Once your case started, they work very hard for your case and do their best of the best. My EB-1 case had an issue during the USCIS process, but Richard solved that with his knowledge and experiences. The communication between me and them during the progress of my case was perfect, and the conscientious and efficient staff never tell you wrong information. That’s why I didn’t have to worry about the status of my case at all. If I need an immigration lawyer in the future, I definitely call Richard.

    Teruyuki and Kaori Yoshida – Animation Artist
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