Technology Visas

Technology Visas

Advanced Visa Services: Speed and Accuracy for H-1B Visas

When you need a specific foreign employee to support your enterprise, time is of the essence. Highly-educated foreign professionals can be issued an H-1B visa, allowing them to live and work in the USA.

Getting Your H-1B Visa Approved

H-1B visas are one of the most sought-after types of visas, and the application submitted must be error-free, complete, and meet all legal requirements. Get a new employee approved to work at your enterprise with assistance from our professional legal team of immigration lawyers.

Accuracy is Key

Even the most minor error will lead to a delay. As the H-1B visa is one of the most sought-after, you cannot risk submitting an application that could lead to a delay. We are proud of our accuracy and ability to file a visa application that moves quickly through the system.

Individualized Service

We care about our clients, and you can expect to be informed of the progress of your foreign employee visa application as it moves through the system. We are responsive, honest, and client-focused.

Top Level Immigration Services

Our founder is a recognized authority on immigration law. When you can’t afford errors, delays, or problems, our firm provides an exceptional level of legal services to business owners throughout the Los Angeles area and beyond.

Trusted, Professional and Experienced

There is no time to waste if you have found the resources you need in an employee located in a foreign country. The process of applying for a H-1B visa must be undertaken with exceptional speed and accuracy. We have the experience you want to get the job done right.

Efficient, Accurate, and Fast

Your company’s expansion is influenced by the quality of your employees. We work fast, and the quality of your lawyer can make all the difference in the issuance of an H-1B visa.

Experience Legal Services for H-1B Visas

Tashjian Law Group is focused exclusively upon immigration law, and offers service beyond the ordinary. Get help from a legal professional who is a known authority on immigration law.

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Legal Support for Employers Seeking Technology Visas

Fast, Efficient Counsel for Technology Visas

A technology visa, when approved, allows your enterprise to expand the way it should. We understand the urgency of getting a H-1B visa approval, and do everything possible to speed the process.

99% Success Rate

Our experience has led to an astounding success rate. Take advantage of our knowledge of immigration law if you are seeking a technology visa for a new employee. Expect top level, personalized service, from start to finish.

  • We have been very pleased with the services provided by Richard T and his law firm since his initial representation for us back in January 1999.  Since then Richard has assisted us and various of our employees on a wide range of immigration issues. A company of our size with over 300 employees utilizes legal services covering a broad range of issues and we have found Richard and his staff to be responsive and seemingly always available to discuss whatever immigration issues that arise.  I am pleased to give a sincere recommendation to anyone or any company needing first class legal representation.

    John Naaman, President – Monkeysports Inc.
  • Like all clients (and, I believe I’m a serial one), we all tend to fall in love with our own new lives. But I would neither even start the very first step if I didn’t have the continuously great support and help from Tashjian LAW Group, nor could I overcome all the challenges I’ve been through for almost 4 years.
    The Tashjian team has been always extremely professional and organized. Lawyer Fangzhou Ping, shows such impressive passion and caring about customers’ circumstances.  It was so easy to work with her; I always got my answers with patient explanation and helpful suggestions as much as she could.  The precise suggestions always make my legal decisions responsibly easier and immediate.
    I am and will be always looking forward to continuing my legal business with Tashjian professional team in the future.

    Yi Xing
  • As a technology professional with an incomplete understanding of Immigration matters and the legalese thereof,I can attest that everyone at the Tashjian law firm including Richard , Fangzhou etc have made all my immigration applications as simple as can be.They are through in the understanding and interpretation of the law and more importantly they are just as good in translating the same to layman language.They are thorough professional and do genuinely care for their clients.

    Pavan Dandapanthula
  • When I moved last year to my current employer, I was assisted by Tashjian Law Group in processing my work visa transfer. I was able to obtain my H1B visa as well as my wife’s H4 visa without any problem because of their help. It was also them who assisted me & my wife with our Green Card applications every step of the way, until we received our appoved permanent resident status from USCIS this month. I will always be grateful with what they had done for me and my family. Their professionalism and expertise with immigration matters had really made a huge difference. Thank you very much and may your company continue to provide better lives to your clients!

    Noel Dela Torre
  • Based in Santa Monica, Transplant Connect is a rapidly-growing provider of mission-critical software that is used to increase transplants to those in need around the world. Serving hospitals, governments and healthcare agencies in different countries, our impact spans the globe. Similarly, our team is an international one – we bring in only the top talent from all over the globe, and The Tashjian Law Firm has been a key part of our success in building our team. Highly-knowledgeable, reasonably-priced and very to-the-point, the team at Tashjian Law has solved numerous challenges for us and have helped us expand our team here at Transplant Connect by processing numerous Visas for different experts in medical technology and otherwise. We strongly recommend the Tashjian Law Firm for anyone needing assistance with Visas and immigration matters.

    John G. Piano – CEO Transplant Connect
  • Our company had an immediate need to obtain an H1B Visa for a candidate. With the quota number increasing rapidly, we were in danger of losing this highly qualified candidate that was so difficult for us to find. The Tashjian Law Group provided and honest assessment of the likelihood of obtaining a visa for this candidate. Once we had made the decision to move forward with the application, Richard and his team clearly explained the process and quickly provided us with the necessary instruction and required filings. The application was approved. The members of the Tashjian Law Group provided timely advice and worked efficiently to provide a cost-effective solution to our issue.

    David G. – General Counsel
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