Visa Issues at Coachella Music Festival

Visa Issues with Performing Artists

At the recent Coachella music festival which was held these past two consecutive weekends (4/15-17, 4/22-24), two artists who were scheduled to perform had to cancel and reschedule their performances due to visa issues.

The UK artist Skepta’s U.S. visa was denied which forced him to cancel his Coachella performance as well as other scheduled tour dates in the U.S. Luckily for Lush, they resolved their visa issues and were able to perform for week two at Coachella and carry on their other scheduled tour performances.

Here are the link to the article on Skepta and Lush:

Skepta’s visa gets denied (Hypetrak)
Lush visa issues (Los Angeles Times)

Besides this recent news regarding the two Coachella artists, there have been similar cases with performers getting their visas denied just before their scheduled tour dates.

Plan ahead and contact an attorney

To prevent this from happening, plan ahead so that if for any reason an issue occurs this can be resolved before tour schedules are affected. At the Tashjian Law Group PC, with our estimated 99% success rate, you can rely on us to handle these issues and obtain the visa you need. Contact us to discuss how we can obtain the visa you need.

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